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Bringing Aloha to Brooklyn's Dog Community

From daycare, boarding, grooming to socializing, our fun-loving employees maximize both safety and individualized care for all of our furry friends!

Why Members Love HI-BK Doggy Daycare

Focus on the dog's mental health

We ensure that your dog receives enough social interaction, relaxation and supervision

Safety and cleanliness

We maintain top quality standards for a clean, sanitary facility. Any dribbles are immediately cleaned

Pet first aid certified staff

Our staff members are certified in pet first aid & CPR, and are trained in understanding canine body language and behavior

Keeping your dog's health top of mind

We closely review every dog's vaccination records and evaluate each dog with a 1:1 temperament test to ensure safety for all pups in our care

1 person per 15 dogs

We believe in prioritizing quality over volume when it comes to our dogs

hi-bk pup

Daily feedback

We build a relationship with each dog and understand the importance of trust and patience. We share any highlights and lowlights of your pup's day

Our Pet Services


Your dog will love playing with all their furry friends in our safe and supervised areas.


Get your doggy feeling like a million bones with our full service dog grooming.


We’re the perfect home away from home for your dog when they need a sleep over stay.


Shop a curated assortment of doggy treats and accessories from Hawaii, NYC and other small businesses.

Step by step process

Step 1: Become a member

Create your HI-BK client profile and upload their vaccination records

Step 2: Book your first apointment

Dogs over 6 months must undergo a temperament test before starting daycare and boarding

Step 3: Continue the Fun

After you’ve enjoyed your first daycare session with us, feel free to book all future services in our client portal.

The Most Popular Questions

We require all clients to create a profile in our customer portal and their dog to be up to date with vaccinations and fixed by 7 months. Our required vaccinations are Bordetella, DA2PP, Rabies, Leptospirosis and Canine Influenza (H3N2/H3N8). For dogs younger than 7 months, we have an additional requirement to see a negative fecal exam that must be completed within 2 weeks prior to the first day of service.

Although these two lifestyle vaccines are not mandatory by NYC, we take extra precautions for the health and safety of all the pups in our care. These additional vaccines will help prevent your dog from contracting and spreading these different illnesses in any high-contact dog environments.

We require all of our dogs to be fixed by 7 months to ensure a safer play environment. This helps prevent unwanted behaviors and reduces the risk of conflict among dogs in a group setting.

We require our pups to be at least 4 months of age to attend daycare. For puppies who are under 6 months, we do not require a temperament test and instead offer a puppy first day. Puppy first day sessions are offered on Monday or Friday at a special $20 rate and must be scheduled in advance. Drop off is between 7:30-8:30am and limited to 2-3 hours. Your puppy needs to be up to date with our required vaccines (appropriate for their age) and a negative fecal exam must be provided 2 weeks prior to the first visit.

The reason we require fecal exams for puppies before their first visit is that their immune systems haven’t fully developed. Puppies are more susceptible to contracting illnesses. The vet we work with suggests it should be one week prior to the first visit, but we all know that can be difficult to schedule, which is why we make it 2 weeks.

Still have more questions?

Located In the Heart Of Brooklyn

Here at the crossroads of Downtown Brooklyn and Fort Greene, we’re building a community for dog lovers by dog lovers!

Working hours:
Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 7:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Monday – Friday: 9:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

76 Rockwell Place
Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA

Your Fur Baby is in Safe Hands

Find out from our satisfied clients why we’re the go-to choice for nurturing and dependable pet care solutions.

Maria Guzman
Read More
We love hi bk!! I never have to worry about Mila because of how organized and caring the staff is. They understand Mila's quirks and are excellent at accommodating to make her experience at daycare as comfortable and fun as it can be. Mila always leaves a day of daycare clean, happy, and takes an amazing nap at home. Additionally, Mila has grown more confident at daycare and has made many more friends, human and pup!
Claire Bing
Read More
Thank you so much for watching Prince! We are so lucky to have you guys so close. We always feel safe knowing Prince is with you all and that he is being taken care of by such caring, kind, and loving professionals. I loved the camera - we watched him all night! For his first time away, I think he did a great job. Thank you so much! We tell everyone how much we love HI-BK all the time - thank you for helping us out this weekend!
William Mooney
Read More
We love how Lola is now becoming more confident in the street while walking and not having to bark at dogs while they pass. im sure if she could speak she would say the same.
Gaya S
Spa Services
Read More
You guys are the only place I trust to take my Bowie - so knowlegable, very clean, great staff who are always thinking about what's best for our pups. Thank you for being awesome Hi-BK!
Kevin Custer
Read More
You guys are top notch - so glad we have Marley going there.

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What is a temperament test?

A temperament test is required for dogs older than 6 months. This is before starting daycare and boarding.  

We start by gently introducing the dog to their new environment, alongside their human companion, to help them acclimate to different stimuli. Each dog receives individual attention to ensure a comfortable transition before joining the group. This detailed process is conducted for the four hour period, and we’ll need to meet with each dog’s human for about 15 minutes at the beginning to review the dog’s profile.


Times available for temperament test: 
Monday-Friday at 9am


We first meet with each client to review your dog’s profile in greater detail, which takes approximately 15 minutes, before starting your pup’s temperament test. We gently introduce your dog to this new environment by allowing them to explore on their own for a bit in the testing area, followed by meeting a few new friends one on one before joining the larger group. Each dog receives individual attention to ensure a comfortable transition and this detailed process is conducted during the four hour period. At pick up, we will meet with you again to discuss what happened during the test and any next steps we recommend.


For puppies less than 6 months old, please contact us to go over our process to introduce young pups to daycare!

Health certificate requirements

Current vaccination certificate must be uploaded to your dog’s profile. It should include your dog’s information, name of the vaccination given, when the vaccination was last given and next due date.

Core Vaccinations

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella


  • Canine Influenza (H3N2/H3N8)
  • Leptospirosis

Negative Fecal Exam

For puppies younger than 7 months. The fecal exam needs to be completed within 2 weeks of first day of service.

Spay/Neuter Rule

Dogs over 7 months should also be spayed or neutered for their stay.

Ensure vaccinations are updated at least 1 weeks before service and maintain monthly oral heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.