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Being away from home and staying in a new environment can be a stressful experience for any pup. We will carefully evaluate your pup’s engagement level with our team, facility and daycare. We first require completion of a temperament test. Once your pup is acclimated to daycare, we can try out the room of your choice. The timeline for this process varies for each pup. Please inquire about boarding in advance, so we can work with you to build up your pup’s comfort level to a boarding stay with us.  

We offer two room styles. Our cottages are for dogs that are crate trained and prefer a cozy space to feel secure and comfortable. Our private luxury suites offer more space for your dog to feel at home while you are away! Last drop-off time is one hour before closing and pick up is before 12:00pm. If pick up is after, an additional daycare fee will incur. Boarding rates include daycare. Additional fees may be applied to accommodate any special requests or additional services provided during the overnight stay. 


All overnight stays include a morning and evening relief walks and tuck-in service.
Private suites also include a bed with a mattress pad, home ambiance, and camera access to their room.
Please bring all meals, slow feeder if necessary, some type of chew, up to 2 favorite toys, and a blanket or sweatshirt with your scent for comfort.

50% security deposit required upon booking. Holidays require a 2 night minimum stay and 3 night minimum during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s (drop-off & pick up must be arranged before or after closed holiday), additional $10 per night (please inquire for dates) and 100% security deposit. Cancellation notice is at least 2 days or $50 fee will be incurred; 1 week notice during holiday periods or $100 fee will be incurred. Any no shows will forfeit security deposit plus incur cancellation fee. Book 10 nights or more, receive 10% off the daily rate. Additional fees may be applied due to extra cleaning or services completed to ensure the comfort and safety of your pup’s boarding stay.


The health and safety of each of our dogs are very important to us. All dogs must have current vaccinations for the following:

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza H3N2/H3N8
  • Leptospirosis
  • Negative Fecal Exam (for pups younger than 6 months; must be completed within a 2-week window prior to first day of service)

Certification from a veterinarian is required from each of our guests before admittance can be allowed. If your dog requires an updated vaccination please make arrangements for the vaccination to be administered no less than 2 weeks before any service is scheduled. All dogs must be on a Heartworm & flea and tick preventative. Any dog over 7 months old must be neutered or spayed to book any service in our facility.

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What is a temperament test?

A temperament test is required for dogs older than 6 months. This is before starting daycare and boarding.  

We start by gently introducing the dog to their new environment, alongside their human companion, to help them acclimate to different stimuli. Each dog receives individual attention to ensure a comfortable transition before joining the group. This detailed process is conducted for the four hour period, and we’ll need to meet with each dog’s human for about 15 minutes at the beginning to review the dog’s profile.


Times available for temperament test: 
Monday-Friday at 9am


We first meet with each client to review your dog’s profile in greater detail, which takes approximately 15 minutes, before starting your pup’s temperament test. We gently introduce your dog to this new environment by allowing them to explore on their own for a bit in the testing area, followed by meeting a few new friends one on one before joining the larger group. Each dog receives individual attention to ensure a comfortable transition and this detailed process is conducted during the four hour period. At pick up, we will meet with you again to discuss what happened during the test and any next steps we recommend.


For puppies less than 6 months old, please contact us to go over our process to introduce young pups to daycare!

Health certificate requirements

Current vaccination certificate must be uploaded to your dog’s profile. It should include your dog’s information, name of the vaccination given, when the vaccination was last given and next due date.

Core Vaccinations

  • Rabies
  • Bordetella


  • Canine Influenza (H3N2/H3N8)
  • Leptospirosis

Negative Fecal Exam

For puppies younger than 7 months. The fecal exam needs to be completed within 2 weeks of first day of service.

Spay/Neuter Rule

Dogs over 7 months should also be spayed or neutered for their stay.

Ensure vaccinations are updated at least 1 weeks before service and maintain monthly oral heartworm, flea, and tick prevention.